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The best way to experience Alpha Krav Maga Connecticut is to book an appointment for a trial program. It gets you a mini-private class with an Instructor and one group Krav Maga class immediately after your private for $29.99

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“Alpha Krav Maga CT keeps their curriculum constantly updated, which is key to ensure officers get the most relevant training available.” -Jim, Chicago PD

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Testimonials and Reviews

Thank you for all that you do! I have been in Law Enforcement for over 15 years and wish I found Jamie and his training center years ago.
Rating: 10/10 Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, instructors offered constructive criticism and gave clear instructions. Great art to learn.
Rating: 10/10 (child point of view)-"fun"; Mom's, instructors are incredible role models-qualified, kind, fair, professional! trustworthy.
Rating: 10/10 Jamie and his instructors are excellent! Great atmosphere.
Rating: 10/10 Great instructors, tremendous workout and you learn how to defend yourself at the same time.
Rating: 10/10 Nice people who train hard
The attitude and dedication of all of your team at Alpha Krav Maga Connecticut is hard to find!
The class I participated in was superior with patient and thorough instruction. I loved the energy and the instructors are among the very best!!! I can't wait to get back!!!
Mr. Arute and his staff have given me such motivation to reach new goals in my life. The training is top notch and is broken down in such a way that is very understandable and fun to learn. I would recommend Alpha Krav Maga to anyone looking to develop life saving skills or looking for a family oriented atmosphere to get into great shape. The best thing I ever did was walk through those doors.

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