Alpha Krav Maga Training in CT Adult Training Program

Alpha Krav Maga Training in CT

Adult Self Defense Program

Self Defense Training for the Fight of Your Life

Get the most advanced Krav Maga Training in CT! Alpha Krav Maga Connecticut focuses on teaching self-defense techniques tailored to reality-based attack situations. Training methods emphasize moving from a passive to an aggressive state to fight back and neutralize the attacker. Alpha Krav Maga is a hard-hitting, simple to use system of advanced conflict resolution methods that incorporates several fighting techniques from Western-style boxing, Thai boxing, grappling, and wrestling just to name a few. Through hard work and vigorous training, you begin to transform mind and body.

Regardless of gender, strength, size, or athletic ability, Alpha Krav Maga will teach you to defend yourself and fight for your life. Alpha Krav Maga Connecticut offers a great way to get in shape, build your body, and stay fit while learning control, restraint, and how to neutralize an attacker.

The best way to experience our program is to book an appointment for a trial program. It gets you a mini-private class with an Instructor and one group Krav Maga class immediately after your private for $29.99. This a great way to experience a Krav Maga training session and meet other students you would be training with.

Call us today at (203)-439-2000 or select todays date on the calendar below and click search to schedule an appointment now for a trial program for only $29.99 and discover the benefits of training at Alpha Krav Maga Connecticut.

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