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Alpha Krav Maga CT Kids Self Defense Program

Krav Maga Self Defense Classes for Youth

12 and under classes teach discipline, self-control

The curriculum of the Alpha Krav Maga Self Defense Classes for Youth / Kids Program at Alpha Krav Maga Connecticut is beyond exercise or self-defense. In addition to teaching children to defend themselves in a way that is fun, age-appropriate, and dynamic, children are taught when a physical response is appropriate and when “using their voice” is sufficient. The ultimate goal: teach children how to avoid becoming a victim.

Our curriculum offers so much more. We also emphasize the importance of such skills as focus, self-discipline, perseverance, self-control, respect, and confidence – all of which will serve them well in all aspects of life.

The instructors are dedicated to each student’s success. We talk with our students and their parents together to identify fears, develop training goals, and establish rapport for working together to achieve those goals. Each student receives tailored attention.

Parents are an integral part of Alpha Krav Maga training and are encouraged to stay for classes and even join their children on the floor and assist with their child’s training. We have “Mat Chats” where scenarios of bullying or other concerns are discussed in an open forum with parents to help our kids understand that we as parents have already experienced a lot of what our children are going through. We also feel it is important for our kids to know they have our full support in dealing with difficult situations, especially when it comes to defending themselves in school if someone tries to hurt them. Emotional and mental training is as important as physical training, and the permission and support of the parent is a critical success factor for our students.

Who will be teaching your child? Mr. Jamie Arute, the Owner and Chief Instructor at Alpha Krav Maga Connecticut, and his team of Instructors. Mr. Jamie Arute’s dedication to children’s safety is the reason he is responsible for writing the Kids Curriculum for all the Alpha Krav Maga schools across the country as well as training and certifying the Alpha Krav Maga Instructors who teach his curriculum.

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