Alpha Krav Maga CT Blue Line Law Enforcement Training Division

Alpha Krav Maga CT Blue Line Law Enforcement Training Division

Alpha Krav Maga was designed to work for everyone, regardless of their size, strength or athletic ability. Krav Maga is also designed to be learned quickly. Due to its instinctive movements and straight-forward approach, the techniques are easy to retain with minimal review and can be performed under extreme stress. This makes Alpha Krav Maga a perfect fit for Law Enforcement personnel. No defensive tactics program in the world is more battle tested than Krav Maga.

“The most sensible and relevant course for Law Enforcement personnel!” Jim Klauba – Control Tactics Instructor, Chicago Police Department

Alpha Krav Maga International Blueline Division was developed for the sole purpose of improving and advancing defensive tactics for the American Police Officer. Blueline teaches Police Officers how to effectively deal with a wide range of scenarios, from a cooperative subject to a high level combatant using lethal force. We understand that when these situations do occur, the Officers must do what is necessary and reasonable to protect their own life and the lives of others, but also adhere to the use of force policies mandated by their department. Blueline has successfully integrated the real world practicality of Krav Maga along with an organic understanding and actual application of Use of Force procedures. Our curriculum puts officers through an intensive training regimen that physically and mentally puts their defensive tactics to the test. Once the fight is on, an Officer will have to affect an arrest by gaining control and finishing the altercation with handcuffing as quickly as possible. This keeps the Officer Safe along with the suspect.

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